"I think that learning
my system -- Signature Energy Work -- might provide an interesting addition to what you currently do...

... I want to help you see the underlying structure of what you do, and enhance your wholistic understanding of the unique meaning of your work..."

Signature Energy Work is the work of evaluating our signature energy – its contents, and their influence on us -- and then reordering and revising those contents into a form that more accurately reflects conscious choice, rather than unconscious habit.  As we do this, our physical form, our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, become aligned with an increasingly higher level of consciousness.  Signature Energy Work is the work of taking responsibility for the structure of our signature energy, and ultimately, for our consciousness.

Our consciousness is something that is always -- potentially -- growing and ascending. That is the joy of living.  I believe that pain -- be it emotional or physical -- is the signal that there is something in our signature energy field that is holding us back from growing, and that needs to, is ready and available to be moved out or transformed.  Or, said in a different way, pain, illness, and problems signal us of an opportunity to expand our awareness to a higher level, to choose a higher level of being.  How do we take advantage of this -- how do we interpret, and act on, these signals from our body?

Step one: We surrender the illusion that we know.

This means we acknowledge that the body is signaling us that we have come to an endpoint in our current level of consciousness, and we admit that the level we are currently living at is not working for us, and then commit ourselves to moving beyond it --into the unknown, not the unknowable, but the not-yet-known.  This is the territory of creativity.  This is the very uncomfortable placing of “not-knowing”, that is beyond the reach of the ego.

Step two: We ask.

-- Who do we ask?  Our Higher consciousness, or at least our next highest level of consciousness?  The Intelligence of the body?  Of the Universe? God?  Certainly we are asking the levels of intelligence that lie outside of our everyday consciousness. We could reasonably say that we are inquiring into our non-conscious mind; own subconscious and superconscious intelligence.

-- How do we ask?  You may have your own ways of inquiring, but I use muscle testing a lot, and in the Signature Energy Work classes, we master the art of asking through muscle testing.  I use muscle testing as a tool to ask questions along a simple line of reasoning -- I call this line of questions the SEWLINE – that will lead us into the territory of the unknown, and act as a supportive framework for our intuition.

Step three: We integrate the answer.

We think about the answer, use our intellect and our reasoning to come to an understanding of it, and so integrate it into our conscious awareness -- our mental "body".  We feel it, resonate with it until we become comfortable with it as a truth, and so integrate it into our emotional “body”.  We act on it, by using it as an assumption for our actions, and so integrate it into our physical body.  We allow it to form, temper, and/or direct our goals, our sense of purpose and direction, and so integrate it into our spiritual “body”.  We work the energy of the answer into our signature energy. We change; we grow.

I originally developed Signature Energy Work as a way of organizing, for myself, all of the moving parts of my daily work into a cohesive whole -- an "operating paradigm" if you will.  Before that, both my personal spiritual practice and my professional practice were a collection of many things, gathered from decades of study and experience, all done in a sort of "freestyle" manner.  This allowed me to understand my own operating the paradigm more clearly, and communicate it to others more concisely.  It turned out to be also a structure which allows for integration of the new things that I learn, so that my work and my operating paradigm evolve in a reasonably organized way that facilitates an ongoing expansion of the whole.  I think that learning my system -- Signature Energy Work -- might provide an interesting addition to what you currently do, in your personal and/or professional work, but more importantly, I want to help you see the underlying structure of what you do, and enhance your wholistic understanding of the unique meaning of your work -- allowing you to see how your moving parts fit together perfectly -- and then support you in communicating your operating paradigm to others.

I do not teach Signature Energy Work classes in the usual "seminar" or "workshop" formats.  My experience with previous workshops has shown me that these formats are rarely optimum for either me or my "students", as each person comes to the work with uniquely different histories, skills, and intentions.  I have found that working on a one-to-one (or perhaps one-to-two) basis is more productive for all concerned.  More like a Socratic tutorial than a workshop. This affords you an opportunity to clarify your operating paradigm, and allows both of us to exchange and refine the techniques and modalities we use in our daily work.  We learn from, and teach, each other.

Tutorials are given in 90 minute sessions, at a cost of $120.                                                                                                                   


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